There are two drugstores in my neighbourhood. One is having deep discounts on various products every week and other sales campaigns, incl. advertising leaflets distributed to each household. The other one doesn’t do much advertising and no sales at all, but has a fairly low, transparent standard pricing and fairly uncluttered stores (less offer-POS stuff).

Which one would you go to if you needed something right now, and where for things to stock for potential later use? For me, the one with sales is just too stressful to follow. Everytime I buy something for the normal price, I feel like I probably paid more than necessary, pondering if I shouldn’t wait with the toothpaste because it might be on offer next week. And if something is on offer, I buy products, brands and quantities I would never buy (or need) otherwise. But the worst thing is that I totally know how ads and marketing work and I still regularly fall for their tricks. I’m just avoiding these stores and advertisers now.


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