Taking Over Type Foundries

Type foundries taking over other type foundries is a common thing in type history, but Linotype wasn’t the company at the front of actions.

1897 takes over Juxberg-Rust, Offenbach
1915 takes over Roos & Junge, Offenbach
1919 takes over Hoffmeister, Leipzig
1919 takes over typefaces of Drugulin, Leipzig
1929 takes over Genzsch & Heyse, Hamburg
(together with Berthold and Bauer)
1933 acquires shares in Benjamin Krebs (Successors), Frankfurt
1954 takes over majority of shares of Haas, Münchenstein
(stakes since 1927)
1956 takes over rest of Klingspor shares (majority since 1917)
1960 takes over majority of shares Berthold & Stempel, Vienna
1970 takes over parts of C.E. Weber (rest to Johannes Wagner, Ingolstadt)
1978 Berthold and Stempel type founding activities handed off to Haas
1985 liquidation of Stempel AG through Linotype GmbH, Eschborn
1986 foundry type distribution and machinery goes to Schriftenservice Stempel / Rainer Gerstenberg
1989 Linotype takes over Haas and hands off type founding to Walter Fruttiger (Fruttiger AG)

1978 takes over Olive, Marseille
1972 takes over Deberny & Peignot, Paris
1982 takes over Grafisk Compagni, Kopenhagen
1989 Linotype liquidates Haas and takes over names and right, type founding goes to Fruttiger AG, Münchenstein
1990 Fruttiger AG takes over rests of Società Nebiolo, Turin (closed 1978)

1963 takes over rest of Genzsch & Heyse, Hamburg with Stempel
1986 takes over Stempel AG, Frankfurt (majority of shares since 1941)

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