Wagner & Schmidt, etc.


1. Wagner & Schmidt (1887–1942)
· founded 1887 in Leipzig by Ludwig Wagner and Robert Arthur Schmidt
· punchcutting and engraving business
· specialized in delivering matrices to foundries all across Europe
· Ludwig Wagner leaves company in 1902 to buy Leipzig foundry Gundelach & Ebersbach (specialized in spacing material)
· Robert Arthur Schmidt leaves 1932, followed by Otto Schmidt
· Otto Schmidt dies 1941
· company liquided 1942, remains go to C. E. Weber, Stuttgart

2. Ludwig Wagner, Leipzig (1902–71)
· founded 1902 by Ludwig Wagner by buying Gundelach & Ebersbach
· bringing over matrices and many original designs from Wagner & Schmidt
· large growth and success in the 1910s and ’20s (120 employees in 1928), 1922 conversion into stock company
· son Johannes leaves company in 1925, brother Ludwig takes his place
· almost completely destroyed in 1943 during WW2
· Johannes again co-owner of company in Leipzig after the war
· 1954 moves place of business of Ludwig Wagner AG to Berlin, then 1956 to Ingolstadt
· remains in Leipzig get under trusteeship in 1953, then nationalized and folded into VEB Typoart 1961

3. Norddeutsche Schriftgießerei, Berlin (1921–61)
· founded by Johannes Wagner, son of Ludwig Wagner, his brother Ludwig and brother-in-law Willi Jahr in 1921 by buying the Steinkamp foundry, Berlin (identical catalog with L. Wagner)
· heavily destroyed 1945 during WW2
· parts of business moved to new place in West-Berlin, d.b.a. “Johannes Wagner Berlin”, in 1949 to Ingolstadt
· remains in East-Berlin d.b.a. “Norddeutsche Schriftgießerei Ost-Berlin”
· latter continued till 1960, in 1961 folded into VEB Typoart Dresden

4. Johannes Wagner & Co, Berlin (1925–45)
· founded by Johannes Wagner in 1925
· specialized in print-shop/typesetting furniture and wood type
· liquidated 1945
· revived 1949 as typefoudry Johannes Wagner, Ingolstadt with parts of equipment of Norddeutsche Schriftgießerei (identical catalog)

5. Johannes Wagner, Ingolstadt (1949–71)
· 1949 Wagner moves his businesses to Ingolstadt in Bavaria after saving parts of Norddeutschen Schriftgießerei to West-Berlin
· continues to operate 3 companies: Johannes Wagner, Berlin (formerly Norddeutsche S.); Ludwig Wagner, Berlin (formerly Ludwig Wagner, Leipzig); and Johannes Wagner, Ingolstadt
· 1961 aquisition of Neue Didot AG, Muttenz/Basel
· 1965 founding of Letternservice Ingolstadt
· Wagner dies 1965

6. Schriftgießerei und Messinglinienfabrik Johannes Wagner, Ingolstadt (1971–2002)
· 1971, attorney Arnold Dröse merges all Wagner companies, with Letternservice Ingolstadt as their sales department
· parts of C. E. Weber, Stuttgart taken over in 1971, matrices by Berthold AG, Berlin in 1978
· Arnold Dröse dies 1972, his son Manfred takes over company, runs it until 2002
· remains go to the Museum of Printing, Leipzig

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