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Notes on the history of Akzidenz-Grotesk Part 2a – Timeline

A timeline of events related to the history of Akzidenz-Grotesk (to be updated as we discover new things): 1893: Berthold expands business into type founding 1895: Schattierte Grotesk Bauer & Co is shown in specimen book 1896: Bücher-Grotesk shown/released by Berthold (later AG condensed) November 1897: Berthold acquires Bauer & Co 1898: release of first […]
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Some notes on the history of Akzidenz-Grotesk Part 2

First read this post from a few years ago. This article here is only about the things we found since. “We” means Dan Reynolds, with who I talked a lot about this topic lately, and me and some other people mentioned in the text. But to recap in one sentence – there is every reason […]
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Ekkehardt vs Eckmann – Plagiatsvorwürfe anno 1903

Aus: Archiv für Buchgewerbe, Heft 5, 1903 (Autor: Chronos) Wir halten es für keinen glücklichen Gedanken, daß sich die junge Schriftgießereifirma Ludwig Wagner in Leipzig-Stötteritz mit der uns vorliegenden Schrift »Ekkehardt« einführt. Ebensowenig vermögen wir die Bedürfnisfrage nach einer weiteren Schrift, die zu der Gattung der »Eckmann« gehört, zu bejahen. Wir sind zudem der Ansicht, […]
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On the topic of female speakers at conferences (again, sorry)

In the past two years, a LOT has changed for the better and the more diverse in the design community (talking about my turf – communication design, typography, type – but most of my points below are applicable more broadly). I have not forgotten why we founded Alphabettes and while bro culture, mansplaining and the […]
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Post-graduate courses in typeface design and research

Applications for the next group at ANRT Nancy is open until June 30. One can apply with their own design or research topic or pick one of the proposed ones. No tuition fee and one even receives a €4000 research grant for the 18 months. Also open for applications, until June 15, is the post-graduate […]
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Why make something that isn’t great?

Every time (every day) when I read something to the effect of “better done than perfect”, “perfection is the enemy of [progress, good, you name it]” or “move fast and break things” I have to cringe. It goes so fundamentally against my ideals, work ethics and, mh, Germanness I guess. But right after I am […]
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Wagner & Schmidt, etc.

1. Wagner & Schmidt (1887–1942) · founded 1887 in Leipzig by Ludwig Wagner and Robert Arthur Schmidt · punchcutting and engraving business · specialized in delivering matrices to foundries all across Europe · Ludwig Wagner leaves company in 1902 to buy Leipzig foundry Gundelach & Ebersbach (specialized in spacing material) · Robert Arthur Schmidt leaves 1932, […]
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Upgrade, but not all the way

If you are, like me, into trying out new OSes and nightly builds but can’t fully commit to upgrading your main/only computer (worse if it’s a laptop) my following solution might also be something for you. I settled on installing Sierra on an external drive and starting the computer with the option key pressed to […]
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So many good webfonts!

Why limit yourself to just the same few over and over? The other day, an article was posted on A List Apart entitled “The Rich (Typefaces) Get Richer” (thanks Roel for showing me). I’m too much of a Sozialdemokrat to want this to happen; I’m a proponent of fitting font diversity (who is alas traveling […]
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Some type genres explained

I originally put together this classification for Typedia in early 2012 (before development of a new version of the site was stopped). It was meant to be practical rather than historically waterproof, hopefully not too sophisticated for newbies but with enough groups to aid adding typefaces to the database, and also helping with typeface selection and […]
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