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Evaluating the quality of a typeface

I have long been thinking about ways to better assess the quality of different typefaces. With so many to choose from, students, graphic designers, even laypeople, often have to compare fonts to find the fitting ones for their work. But how should one do that? Leaving mere taste aside, what are some concrete criteria for […]
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Why make something that isn’t great?

Every time (every day) when I read something to the effect of “better done than perfect”, “perfection is the enemy of [progress, good, you name it]” or “move fast and break things” I have to cringe. It goes so fundamentally against my ideals, work ethics and, mh, Germanness I guess. But right after I am […]
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Upgrade, but not all the way

If you are, like me, into trying out new OSes and nightly builds but can’t fully commit to upgrading your main/only computer (worse if it’s a laptop) my following solution might also be something for you. I settled on installing Sierra on an external drive and starting the computer with the option key pressed to […]
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The unforseen merits of girls’ school?

This is an excerpt of an email I sent Amy Papaelias a while ago on the topic of (few) women in design. So you know where I’m coming from.   […] Throughout all of my youth and adult life, I rarely to never considered that anything that happened or didn’t happen in my life has […]
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Female speakers at conferences

Yesterday, this discussion took place again on Twitter. I hear this complaint all the time, and sometimes complain myself, too. However, I also organized conferences and events in the past and know how hard it is to get more female speakers on board if you still want to cover the topics you find important to […]
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Udo Jürgens – Indra

Ich habe da diese Theorie, dass ich nach einem Lied von Udo Jürgens benannt bin. Was sonst? 1970er Jahre, meine Eltern waren Schlagerfans, mein Vater hatte eine riesige Plattensammlung (zusammen mit dem hellblauen Käfer auch so ziemlich das einzige, was er mit in die Ehe brachte, wie meine Mutter ihm bis heute vorhalten würde). Erst […]
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The task of the designer is sometimes also to prevent things

20 years ago I learned this from Lucius Burkhardt in school. These days designers turn to Mike Monteiro in their weak hours. “Why make something that isn’t great?”, as Jackson Cavanaugh puts it. Or rather, why release something that isn’t great? Make as much as you can, but think about what you put out into the world. […]
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Since 2002, or with a clearer idea 2004, I have been working on something that started as a book. What book exactly doesn’t matter here but it’s on a topic relevant for current designers, I hope. Over these, say, 10 years the world, market, design, and technology around us (and I) have changed significantly. This […]
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My German Reunification

This is a letter I wrote to Eben Sorkin in October 2009, trying to explain my feelings about the reunification and the autumn of 1989 in Germany.   »Can you tell me more about the 3rd of October?« This year [2009] we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Berlin wall coming down, which took place […]
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I hacked my Messages

I’m not a fan of Apple’s Messages desktop application, but there was no escape when I bought a new computer last December. Because this is not my only discomfort with Mountain Lion (slow RSS-less Safari, slow scrolling, ugly GUIs, weird file system, weird lots) I kept using my 3,5 year old MBP a lot. But mainly because […]
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