Educational Discounts for Fonts

Free (trial) fonts for students (for use in school projects):

Dalton Maag
DJR Type (email, free for students for school projects, discount on classroom licenses)
Dunwich Type
Grilli Type
Indian Type Foundry
James Todd Design
Ludwig Type
Production Type
These typefaces from Storm Type (free for non-commercial desktop/print use)
Swiss Type Faces
Typofonderie (10 typefaces)
These participating foundries on Fontspring (FAQ)


Discount: Adobe Font Folio Education Essentials 11 $149
For: students and teachers with access to US Adobe store
(unavailable in DE)
How: submit proof of academic eligibility prior to shipment of order, unclear how to get it there

Anatole Type
Discount: 50% on single styles, 70% on family packs (OTF only)
For: students
How: email Elena Albertoni a photo/scan of student ID and your full postal address for a receipt (VAT may apply).

BAT Foundry
Discount: 30% off
For: schools, educators and students
How: contact them (info according to here)

Bold Monday
Discount: 20%
For: students
How: email your valid student ID to get a voucher code for discounted purchase on their website

Darden Studio
Discount: 50% on the entire library
For: students, teachers, and schools
How: individual students can purchase fonts through the store but have to register by filling out this form: “Applying for an academic discount”. Schools requiring licenses for more than 45 CPUs email Joyce Ketterer directly.

DSType Foundry
Discount: 50% off
For: students
How: contact them, unclear what the requirements are (info according to this tweet)

Discount: 10% on all purchases
For: students or educators
How: Create a FontShop account with your uni-email address and send an email at As soon as they confirm your eligibility, you’ll receive a 10% discount at checkout each time you use the promo-code: EDUCATE10

Discount: €20 credit for renting fonts per academic year
For: all enrolled graphic design (or similar) students
How: register on
Discount: free fonts, discounted fonts and free access to Web Fonts service
For: students from participating schools
How: school has to sign up as a member educational institution, students have to sign up for webfont subscription with school address, upon approval upgrade to free access to products and discounted fonts (oof)
Discount: 30% on all download products
For: students and teachers
How: upload ID via webshop

Huerta Tipografica
Discount: 50% off (several typefaces for free on Font Squirrel)
For: students
How: Email a valid student ID to Sol Matas & Co and they will send you instructions

Discount: 50% off
For: students
How: email proof of enrollment and student ID to Kontour / Sibylle Hagmann

Letra Type
Discount: the entire Galea Display family (four styles) for only $50
For: students
How: email Isabel Urbina your student ID

Liebe Fonts
Discount: 50% off of all typefaces
For: students
How: email Ulrike Rausch your student ID for a discount code.

Discount: 20% on most fonts
For: students and teachers
How: register at and email or fax student ID
(This, presumably older page states a discount of 30%

Mota Italic
Discount: 30% off
For: students and educators
How: contact them (info according to here)

Swiss Typefaces
Discount: 50% on the whole catalog (90% on the Swiss Collection?)
For: students, bundle of several families as classroom licenses for schools
How: contact by email as explained here

Discount: 40% on all fonts
For: students
How: email copy of school ID and full-time class schedule for current semester

Discount: 90% discount (full families only)
For: students
How: email Andrea Tinnes a valid student ID, short description of the project the typeface is used for, and later samples of the work. For her typefaces licensed through Primetype, contact Ole Schäfer and receive free trial fonts for academic / non-commercial use.

Discount: 50% on the basic license
For: students
How: email Typerepublic / Andreu Balius

Type Together
Discount: 25% on all fonts; trial licenses upon request
For: students, teachers and schools
How: provide student ID or contact via school email address. Institutions who wish to license fonts for a whole class, 10–20 single styles, or more contact Veronika Burian & Co for an even larger discount. Typefaces can also be made available for free in certain cases if you provide a description of the project, sign a temporary license agreement, and later send images of the finished work.

Discount: 15% on all typefaces, 10 free trial fonts and some free fonts
For: students and academic staff
How: contact them from your uni-email-account or send a copy of your student ID. Temporary license can be arranged, contact Véronique Porchez to explain your project. Institutions who wish to license fonts for a whole class or school (10+ users), please also contact Véronique directly.

Typotheque and Typonine
Discount: 50% on the whole catalog for non-commercial use, upgradable
Who: students, teachers, educational institutions
How: email valid student ID

Individually negotiated discounts upon request:

ARS Type offers discounts for educational purposes/academies (but not specifically for students), per request – starts at 25% (according to here)

Commercial Type (only large licenses for schools)

Elsner & Flake offers discount of undisclosed height and conditions (according to here)

Process Type Foundry (no discount for students/teachers but non-commercial classroom licenses upon request, more here)

MyFonts reports that about 1/4 of fonts are available for an edu discount (it varies by foundry). Discount is usually 15-20%. No information how to obtain discounts.

Ourtype upon request

Typetrust (as mentioned here)

Typolar offers to schools, depending on the volume, up to 60% off. For nonprofit student projects free, “if we are convinced about motives” (according to here)

Underware (discount on complete library for recognized schools, see here)

Village (as mentioned here)

No discounts (according to the foundry):

Atlas Typefoundry
Colophon Foundry
Hoefler & Co
Ludwig Type
Unlike previously stated, P22 seems to not offer any student discounts anymore

This page was last updated in February 2017. If the foundry you are looking for is not mentioned here, I didn’t find any info on discounts on the internet. Please contact them directly, and then tell us.