March 2019
Tag der Druckkunst, Saarbrücken

April 10, 2019
Typografische Gesellschaft Austria, Wien

May 25, 2019
Fontstand Conference, Porto


October, 2018:
IAPM conference, Cheongju, South Korea: Using historic collections in current teaching

June 12, 2018:
Type Paris: Building a type design brief

May 17–19, 2018:

April 26, 2018:
St. Bride Foundation London: Justin Howes Memorial Lecture / Easily Distracted

April 21, 2018:
Fontstand Conference, Zagreb

April 20, 2018
Hrvatsko dizajnersko društvo, Zagreb

March 8 & 9, 2018:
Robothon Conferences, The Hague: Boring Typefaces

October 2017:
Presentation and workshop at BITS, Bangkok: Classifications are dead, long live font filtering

September 2017:
ATypI, Montréal: The myths and merits of job titles

August 2017:
Rencontres de Lure, Lurs: Coordinating a typographic community, Alphabettes

June 2017:
Type Paris: Building a type design brief

May 2017:
TypoBerlin: moderator/facilitator

May 2017:
HOW Design Live, Chicago: Choosing typefaces beyond aesthetic considerations

Dec 2016:
Typekitpalooza, San Francisco: Willy Fleckhaus, Twen, and the Schmalfette Grotesk

Nov 2016:
Dynamic Font Day, Munich: curation/organization

Nov 2016:
Automatic Type Design, Nancy: Variable Fonts

Oct 19–21, 2016:
Sans Everything conference, Amiens: Keynote – Sans Everything

Sept 13–17, 2016:
ATypI conference, Warsaw: Type Business Strand

June 22, 2016:
Type Paris: Session Building a type design brief, Lecture Choosing typefaces

June 17/18, 2016:
Typographics, New York City: Choosing type in the digital age

May 28–29, 2016:
Typofest, Bulgaria: Web Typography is just Typography

May 12–14, 2016:
TypoBerlin: moderator/facilitator

May 9–10, 2016
Beyond Tellerrand, Düsseldorf: Web Typography

April 20, 2016:
FH Mainz: Hard-core Type classification

April 13, 2016:
FH Aachen: Choosing Typefaces

February 11, 2016:
ESAD Amiens: Choosing Typefaces

January 13, 2016:
FH Krefeld: Typography for web and screen

December 17, 2015:
HEAR Strasbourg: Technological shifts and their influence on typeface design

November 13, 2015:
Ampersand Conferences, Brighton: Web Typography is just Typography

October 23,  2015:
TypoDay, Wien: Selecting and pairing typefaces

October 14–17,  2015:
ATypI conference, São Paulo: The current state of a global type business

October 3–7, 2015:
Adobe MAX, Los Angeles: Choosing and pairing typefaces for today

September 19–20, 2015:
Serebro Nabora, Moscow: Web Typography

June, 2015:
TypoDay, Zürich: Selecting and pairing typefaces

June, 2015:
Kerning Conference, Faenza: Choosing and pairing typefaces

May 21–23, 2015:
TypoBerlin: moderator/facilitator

May 2015:
Goethe Institute Kraków: Type and technology past and present

April 2015:
SND Type Day, Washington: Choosing typefaces for editorial design

November 2014:
Bertrand Delacroix Gallery, NYC: History of Helvetica / Neue Haas-Grotesk

November 2014
TypoDay Munich: Selecting and paring typefaces

November 2014
(Web)fontday Munich, curation and organisation

October 2014:
Folium Zürich: History of Helvetica / Neue Haas-Grotesk (2x)

September 2014:
ATypI Barcelona: History of the Wagner typefoundries and some of their typefaces

September 2014
TypoDay Düsseldorf: Selecting and paring typefaces

June 2014
TypoDay Bielefeld: Selecting and paring typefaces

May 2014
TypoBerlin, moderator/facilitator

March 2014
Lettres Modernes Symposium ESAM Caen, France: Typography for the Web

March 2014
TypoDay Nürnberg: Selecting and paring typefaces

March 2014
RISD, Providence: Guest critic typedesign class

March 2014
Cooper Union, NYC: Type Classification

January 2014
Architects and municipality Saarbrücken: Public lettering in the 1950s

November 2013
Stichting Lettergieten / Bijzondere Collecties Amsterdam: Technological shifts in type production

November 2013
Jade Hochschule Wilhelmshaven: Portfolio, Choosing Typefaces

November 2013
Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Richmond: Portfolio, Technological shifts in Typeface Design

November 2013
TypoDay Hamburg: Selecting and paring typefaces

October 2013
ATypI Amsterdam: Type Record

September 2013
TypoDay Essen: Selecting and paring typefaces

September 2013
Forum für visuelle Gestaltung Innsbruck: Portfolio, Choosing Typefaces

June 2013
University Gothenburg, International Symposion on typographic landscaping: Mapping the use of typefaces

June 2013
TypoDay Mainz: Selecting and paring typefaces

May 2013
TypoBerlin, moderator/facilitator

April 2013
TypoDay Hannover: Selecting and paring typefaces

February 2013
TypoDay Stuttgart: Selecting and paring typefaces

November 2012
Webfontday Munich: Responsive Typography

October 2012
TypoDay Berlin: Selecting and paring typefaces

October 2012
Conference of European Printing Museums, Lyon: announcing Type Record project

October 2012
Type Amsterdam, Bijzondere Collecties Amsterdam: Technological shifts in typedesign and their implication on letterforms

September 2012
TypoDay Cologne: Selecting and paring typefaces

August 2012
TypeCon Milwaukee: Technological shifts and their implication on letterforms

July 2012
Otto Hamburg: Choosing typefaces

June 2012
TypoDay Frankfurt: Selecting and paring typefaces

May 2012
TypoBerlin, moderator/facilitator

May 2012
Södertörns University Stockholm: Type classification

The Typographic Guild of Stockholm: Type classification

April 2012
GGL-Forum München, Design Lehre von morgen

March 2012
TypoDay Hamburg: Selecting and paring typefaces

January 2012
Research in Typography Conference Kattowice: Type classification

October 2011
Schusterfisch Conference Weimar: Gerrit Noordzij and typography for children

September 2011
ATypI Reykjavíc: Type classification

June 2011
Type Talks Posen: Typefaces by Georg Trump

May 2011
TypoBerlin, moderator/facilitator

May 2010
TypoBerlin, moderator/facilitator, Panel discussion on typeface design education

November 2009
Forum Mediendesign: Choosing typefaces and classification

May 2009
TypoBerlin, moderator/facilitator

February 2009
Typeshed 11 Wellington, NZ: Choosing typefaces and classification

May 2008
Verdi Typography days: Workshop, Title pages and book covers

March 2008
Hong Kong Baptiste University: portfolio talk

November 2007
Tag der Typografie Basel: Presentation of Helvetica Forever

September 2007
Type circle Cologne: Helvetica Forever

May 2007
Helvetica Film Screening: History of sans-serif typefaces

Februar 2007
Forum Typografie FHD, Düsseldorf, curation and organization

August 2006
Typografische Gesellschaft Austria: Design of Book covers and detail in typography, letterpress workshop

June 2006
Verdi Typography days: History of sans-serif typefaces

May 2006
Symposium »Typogravieh lebt« Weimar: The history of sans serif typefaces

June 2005
University of Applied Sciences Mannheim: Portfolio talk

December 2004
University of the Arts Berlin: Portfolio talk

July 2004
TypoTage Leipzig: The typefaces in the collection of Schumacher Gebler

July 2004
University of the Arts Hamburg: Portfolio talk

June 2004
Forum Typografie Hannover: Detail in typography

May 2004
Symposium »Typografie lebt« Weimar: Type history

May 2004
TypoBerlin: Type history today

November 2003
University of Applied Sciences Hildesheim: Portfolio

October 2002
HGB Leipzig (Academy of Fine Arts): Buchstaben kommen selten allein

Juni 2001
Forum Typografie, Weimar: Type classification