September 12, 2023
University of Limerick

May 29, 2023
Research in Type and Typography, UMPRUM Prague

April 7, 2023
Technological influence on letterforms and typefaces, ESAD GV Valence

March 22, 2023
Workshop and presentation type genres and stencil letters, ESAD Amiens

January 20, 2023
From Haas to Neue Haas and back – research projects revolving around Switzerland, iA, Zürich

October 11, 2022
Choosing typefaces, UMAS Split, Croatia

September 10, 2022
Choosing typefaces and Font Filtering Systems, Fontstand Conference, The Hague

June 10, 2022
Categorisation of (digital) type specimens, Schriftproben in der Forschung, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin

May 3, 2022
Was machen wir hier eigentlich – morals and responsibilities in communication design, HTWG Konstanz

February 23, 2022
Type classifications and choosing fonts, Pimp My Type channel, online

November 11, 2021
Panel 100 books – my choice of important ones, ave Edition, online

March 17, 2021
Who designs world script fonts, ECAL Lausanne, online

Februar 17, 2021
The use and uselessness of classifications, Type Club, online

June 20, 2020
The Work of Georg Trump, Typographics Book Fair, online

June 19, 2020
Alphabettes at Typographics TypeLab NYC, online

March 20, 2020
From Neue Moderne Grotesk to Normal, Leipzig

June 18, 2019
Schriftenfest, Dresden

May 25, 2019
Fontstand Conference, Porto

May 17, 2019
Morisawa Moji Bunka Forum, Osaka, Japan

April 10, 2019
Typografische Gesellschaft Austria, Wien

March 2019
Tag der Druckkunst, Saarbrücken

October, 2018:
IAPM conference, Cheongju, South Korea: Using historic collections in current teaching

June 12, 2018:
Type Paris: Building a type design brief

May 17–19, 2018:

April 26, 2018:
St. Bride Foundation London: Justin Howes Memorial Lecture / Easily Distracted

April 21, 2018:
Fontstand Conference, Zagreb

April 20, 2018
Hrvatsko dizajnersko društvo, Zagreb

March 8 & 9, 2018:
Robothon Conferences, The Hague: Boring Typefaces

October 2017:
Presentation and workshop at BITS, Bangkok: Classifications are dead, long live font filtering

September 2017:
ATypI, Montréal: The myths and merits of job titles

August 2017:
Rencontres de Lure, Lurs: Coordinating a typographic community, Alphabettes

June 2017:
Type Paris: Building a type design brief

May 2017:
TypoBerlin: moderator/facilitator

May 2017:
HOW Design Live, Chicago: Choosing typefaces beyond aesthetic considerations

Dec 2016:
Typekitpalooza, San Francisco: Willy Fleckhaus, Twen, and the Schmalfette Grotesk

Nov 2016:
Dynamic Font Day, Munich: curation/organization

Nov 2016:
Automatic Type Design, Nancy: Variable Fonts

Oct 19–21, 2016:
Sans Everything conference, Amiens: Keynote – Sans Everything

Sept 13–17, 2016:
ATypI conference, Warsaw: Type Business Strand

June 22, 2016:
Type Paris: Session Building a type design brief, Lecture Choosing typefaces

June 17/18, 2016:
Typographics, New York City: Choosing type in the digital age

May 28–29, 2016:
Typofest, Bulgaria: Web Typography is just Typography

May 12–14, 2016:
TypoBerlin: moderator/facilitator

May 9–10, 2016
Beyond Tellerrand, Düsseldorf: Web Typography

April 20, 2016:
FH Mainz: Hard-core Type classification

April 13, 2016:
FH Aachen: Choosing Typefaces

February 11, 2016:
ESAD Amiens: Choosing Typefaces

January 13, 2016:
FH Krefeld: Typography for web and screen

December 17, 2015:
HEAR Strasbourg: Technological shifts and their influence on typeface design

November 13, 2015:
Ampersand Conferences, Brighton: Web Typography is just Typography

October 23, 2015:
TypoDay, Wien: Selecting and pairing typefaces

October 14–17, 2015:
ATypI conference, São Paulo: The current state of a global type business

October 3–7, 2015:
Adobe MAX, Los Angeles: Choosing and pairing typefaces for today

September 19–20, 2015:
Serebro Nabora, Moscow: Web Typography

June, 2015:
TypoDay, Zürich: Selecting and pairing typefaces

June, 2015:
Kerning Conference, Faenza: Choosing and pairing typefaces

May 21–23, 2015:
TypoBerlin: moderator/facilitator

May 2015:
Goethe Institute Kraków: Type and technology past and present

April 2015:
SND Type Day, Washington: Choosing typefaces for editorial design

November 2014:
Bertrand Delacroix Gallery, NYC: History of Helvetica / Neue Haas-Grotesk

November 2014
TypoDay Munich: Selecting and paring typefaces

November 2014
(Web)fontday Munich, curation and organisation

October 2014:
Folium Zürich: History of Helvetica / Neue Haas-Grotesk (2x)

September 2014:
ATypI Barcelona: History of the Wagner typefoundries and some of their typefaces

September 2014
TypoDay Düsseldorf: Selecting and paring typefaces

June 2014
TypoDay Bielefeld: Selecting and paring typefaces

May 2014
TypoBerlin, moderator/facilitator

March 2014
Lettres Modernes Symposium ESAM Caen, France: Typography for the Web

March 2014
TypoDay Nürnberg: Selecting and paring typefaces

March 2014
RISD, Providence: Guest critic typedesign class

March 2014
Cooper Union, NYC: Type Classification

January 2014
Architects and municipality Saarbrücken: Public lettering in the 1950s

November 2013
Stichting Lettergieten / Bijzondere Collecties Amsterdam: Technological shifts in type production

November 2013
Jade Hochschule Wilhelmshaven: Portfolio, Choosing Typefaces

November 2013
Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) Richmond: Portfolio, Technological shifts in Typeface Design

November 2013
TypoDay Hamburg: Selecting and paring typefaces

October 2013
ATypI Amsterdam: Type Record

September 2013
TypoDay Essen: Selecting and paring typefaces

September 2013
Forum für visuelle Gestaltung Innsbruck: Portfolio, Choosing Typefaces

June 2013
University Gothenburg, International Symposion on typographic landscaping: Mapping the use of typefaces

June 2013
TypoDay Mainz: Selecting and paring typefaces

May 2013
TypoBerlin, moderator/facilitator

April 2013
TypoDay Hannover: Selecting and paring typefaces

February 2013
TypoDay Stuttgart: Selecting and paring typefaces

November 2012
Webfontday Munich: Responsive Typography

October 2012
TypoDay Berlin: Selecting and paring typefaces

October 2012
Conference of European Printing Museums, Lyon: announcing Type Record project

October 2012
Type Amsterdam, Bijzondere Collecties Amsterdam: Technological shifts in typedesign and their implication on letterforms

September 2012
TypoDay Cologne: Selecting and paring typefaces

August 2012
TypeCon Milwaukee: Technological shifts and their implication on letterforms

July 2012
Otto Hamburg: Choosing typefaces

June 2012
TypoDay Frankfurt: Selecting and paring typefaces

May 2012
TypoBerlin, moderator/facilitator

May 2012
Södertörns University Stockholm: Type classification

The Typographic Guild of Stockholm: Type classification

April 2012
GGL-Forum München, Design Lehre von morgen

March 2012
TypoDay Hamburg: Selecting and paring typefaces

January 2012
Research in Typography Conference Kattowice: Type classification

October 2011
Schusterfisch Conference Weimar: Gerrit Noordzij and typography for children

September 2011
ATypI Reykjavíc: Type classification

June 2011
Type Talks Posen: Typefaces by Georg Trump

May 2011
TypoBerlin, moderator/facilitator

May 2010
TypoBerlin, moderator/facilitator, Panel discussion on typeface design education

November 2009
Forum Mediendesign: Choosing typefaces and classification

May 2009
TypoBerlin, moderator/facilitator

February 2009
Typeshed 11 Wellington, NZ: Choosing typefaces and classification

May 2008
Verdi Typography days: Workshop, Title pages and book covers

March 2008
Hong Kong Baptiste University: portfolio talk

November 2007
Tag der Typografie Basel: Presentation of Helvetica Forever

September 2007
Type circle Cologne: Helvetica Forever

May 2007
Helvetica Film Screening: History of sans-serif typefaces

Februar 2007
Forum Typografie FHD, Düsseldorf, curation and organization

August 2006
Typografische Gesellschaft Austria: Design of Book covers and detail in typography, letterpress workshop

June 2006
Verdi Typography days: History of sans-serif typefaces

May 2006
Symposium »Typogravieh lebt« Weimar: The history of sans serif typefaces

June 2005
University of Applied Sciences Mannheim: Portfolio talk

December 2004
University of the Arts Berlin: Portfolio talk

July 2004
TypoTage Leipzig: The typefaces in the collection of Schumacher Gebler

July 2004
University of the Arts Hamburg: Portfolio talk

June 2004
Forum Typografie Hannover: Detail in typography

May 2004
Symposium »Typografie lebt« Weimar: Type history

May 2004
TypoBerlin: Type history today

November 2003
University of Applied Sciences Hildesheim: Portfolio

October 2002
HGB Leipzig (Academy of Fine Arts): Buchstaben kommen selten allein

Juni 2001
Forum Typografie, Weimar: Type classification