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Font-Shopping Continues

In case someone actually still wants to buy fonts this year I better hurry up with my report. Alright, what more did I buy? . Okay Type: They (Jackson and his cat) have some really super fonts in the making, but only Alright Sans is ready for licensing yet. I had kept track of this interesting […]
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Font Shopping (Part I)

Last week I found myself faced with the rare and luxurious task to spend quite some money, quickly, and on something typography related. I guess I’m not alone with this end-of-year-business-expence problem, so instead of a list with cool things in type 2010 I want to share my shopping experiences here. As kind of a […]
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The Difference between Humanist, Transitional and Modern Typefaces

Some key-characters for classifying typefaces are a, e, and R. Humanist (Serifs, Sans, Slab) a’s mostly have an open upper counter and a rather small bowl; the lower half of the e has an open, friendly »mouth«, whereas the eye in the upper half is usually small. R has a diagonal, often long, maybe swashy […]
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Die tollsten Schriften des Jahres* (Teil 3)

* und andere typografische Ereignisse Ich musste noch ein bisschen warten mit dem dritten Teil, sonst wäre die Serie nicht komplett. Aber der Reihe nach. Mein Impulskauf des Jahres war die SangBleu von B & P. Die elegante Sippe (Sans und Serif) beruht auf einer anderen Schrift von Ian Party, die ich ebenfalls sehr mag, […]
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als wenn ich nichts anderes zu tun hätte

hat ein bisschen was von Malaga viele Grüße aus Hamburg von Dunja, Göran, Emilian und Madita
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