Font Shopping 2011

Instead of yet another best-of list (who can challenge the epic Typographica-reviews anyway) I want to share what typefaces I actually licensed last year, from where and why and whether I used them up to now.


Additional styles of Alright Sans, Jackson Cavanaugh, Okay Type ( To complement previously licensed styles and because I wanted to see it pop up on the MyFonts live-sale-map.

Amplitude Italic, Christian Schwartz, Font Bureau (email/contact Font Bureau): To complement previously licensed roman styles for the book Tanzdekade, see below.

Brioni Text, Nikola Djurek, Typotheque ( Because I like it and regard it versatile and a good fit one day.

Elena, Nicole Dotin, Process Type Foundry ( Because I like it and wanted to support Nicole’s long-term efforts.

Equity, Matthew Butterick, MB Type ( Because I like it and find it suitable for future text heavy documents and because I beta-tested it.

Klimax, Ondrej Jób, Typotheque ( It’s just so cool.

Plan Grotesque, Nikola Djurek, Typotheque ( One of, if not the best among all those grotesques popping up everywhere lately, extensive and probably an all-around multi-talent.

Vendetta, John Downer, Emigre ( For our Christmas cards at school and because I always wanted it anyway.

Zamenhof, Castle Type, Castle Type ( I don’t know, it was on sale.

Furthermore I downloaded some free fonts and trial licenses. From Exljbris: Geotica 2012. From FontFont: FF Basic Gothic Regular, FF Sero Medium. From MyFonts: Mimix, Sintesi and Sintesi SemiSans, Cala Light, Corda Light, Erato Light, Lido STF, Novel Sans Demo, Pona Display Demo, Supria Sans Regular and Italic. From OurType: Eva Semibold and Italic, Fayon Semibold and Italic, and six styles from the Meran family. From Type Together: Bree Serif.

The (sad) statistic of usage 2011
Amplitude book, italic, bold italic and wide bold were put to use in the book Tanzdekade about The Donlon Dance Company. I set the photography book The Raw and The Cooked by Peter Bialobrzeski solely in Meran light (remember this fun discussion?). Vendetta medium and italic was featured on the holiday greetings of my school. I wrote one quote and one invoice in Elena and set most of my school notices in Alright Sans. I used none of the others and none of the free or trial-fonts.

Resolution for 2012: Use more type more.