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Some type genres explained

I originally put together this classification for Typedia in early 2012 (before development of a new version of the site was stopped). It was meant to be practical rather than historically waterproof, hopefully not too sophisticated for newbies but with enough groups to aid adding typefaces to the database, and also helping with typeface selection and […]
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Multi-axes type families

There is an occasional confusion with extensive type families and the involved terminology. Basically a type family – a set of fonts with common design characteristic and features – can have multiple · weights (Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black etc.) · widths (Narrow, Compressed, Condensed, Normal, Wide etc.) · related designs (Sans, Serif, Slab, Mix, […]
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Type classifications are useful, but the common ones are not

This is an article I wrote for the publication accompanying the conference Research in Graphic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts Kattowice where I gave a talk on the subject in January 2012. Please excuse the lack of illustrations. I will try to add some later, but usually those are empty promises as you […]
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