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Uses of variable fonts in the wild

Every other day I see people asking about examples of “real” websites that use variable fonts but are not demos/tools for variable fonts. I’ve had a public Google Doc in which I compiled font releases, reference material and uses for a while now, but it’s not that nice of a resource to link to when […]
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On Responsive Typography

The idea of responsive web design and layout – as it was discussed in the past two years, e.g. by Ethan Marcotte – is to have a set of specifications that adjust to the requirements of a device, resulting in different layouts on different devices. The idea of responsive typography – as it was discussed […]
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google is watching mich jetzt auch

Ich habe ein neues Dingsbums. Nicht nur das Mailsystem unserer Schule ist bereits von google durch-/unterwandert, nun haben wir auch noch sogenannte »micro-sites«, so Unter-Websites, die idiotensicher zu bedienen sind, mit web-based editor usw. Eine Mischung aus Pinnwand, Kalender und Blog. Und ich, early Opfer wie immer, habe es schon fleißig bedingst.
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