Sometimes less really is less

So one of the results of my two days web-interlude with the genius Florian Hardwig is a site that looks more basic every day. Not that this wordpress-theme got any simpler or managable, the only thing I’m capable of is removing stuff it seems.

Although I’m not happy with the general design and admin, I feel a great pull to revisit persitantly. To look at IbisRE, my wonderful loan from Webtype. This will continue for at least 29 more days. After that I’ll have to make do with visiting FontBureau’s website every now and then, which uses Ibis for all body copy (apart from the news section) since recently, too. Anymore sites you know of? Send them my way (or, even better, donate an obolus for the annual webtype fee so Ibis and me don’t have to part in the first place).


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