Thank you

for the Macintosh LC 475 (1994), the Apple LaserWriter 360 (1994), the PowerBook 190 (1995), PowerBook G3 Wallstreet (1998), PowerBook G4 Titanium (2001), the original iPod (2002), PowerBook G4 Aluminum (2005), the iPod shuffle USB (2005), the 1st iPod touch (2007), the MacBook Pro (2007), 2nd iPod touch (2009), MacBook Pro unibody (2009), the iPad 3G (2010), iPhone 4 (2010), the iPod shuffle 4 (2011) and all the mice and keyboards, airports, screens, cables and (um…) adapters I bought during those wonderful years with you, Steve.


  • Oh and how could I forget all the OS’es and software and the itunes-store. You changed not only the way I communicate and work and travel but also how I absorb, acquire and appreciate.

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