Gill Sans alternatives

There’s really no need to use Gill Sans anymore. Even if you think you have to, you may get away with one of these alternatives. My favourite is Dover Sans by Robin Mientjes

Other humanist sans-serifs in a similar vein:

Agenda, Greg Thompson, Font Bureau / Type Network

Apres, David Berlow, Font Bureau / Type Network

Astoria, Alan Meeks, Alan Meeks Collection

Bliss, Jeremy Tankard, Jeremy Tankard Typography

Cronos, Robert Slimbach, Adobe Type

Documenta Sans, Frank Blokland, DTL

Dover Sans Text and Display, Robin Mientjes, Tiny Type Co

Edward, Hendrik Weber, form. Ourtype

Granby, Edward Johnston, Elsner + Flake

Halifax, Dieter Hofrichter, Hoftype

Johnston, Edward Johnston, David Farey, ITC

(Johnston) Underground, Edward Johnston, Richard Kegler, P22

London, Henrik Kubel, A2-Type

Mallory, Tobias Frere-Jones, Frere-Jones Type

Metro Office, Akira Kobayashi, Linotype

Mr. Eaves, Zuzana Licko, Emigre

New Atten, Miles Newlyn, Newlyn Type

Relay, Cyrus Highsmith, Occupant Fonts

Rowton Sans, Julien Priez, Hugo Dumont, Jérémie Hornus and Alisa Nowak, form. Font You

Seravek, Eric Olson, Process Type

Today Sans, Volker Küster, Elsner + Flake

Yoga Sans by Xavier Dupret, Monotype

Zeitung, Akiem Helmling, Bas Jacobs, Sami Kortemäki, Underware

I didn’t add links to these to encourage you to look for the foundry site yourself or go to your preferred type website. Licensing from the designers/foundry directly is always best. No middlemen = more reward for the people who did the work. Some of these typefaces are also available for renting, which can be advantageous if you only want to use them for a limited time.


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