Resources I mention in my talk:

Please, no more Open Sans for a while (article on

So many good webfonts! (article on here)

Okay Type, Jackson Cavanaugh Chicago

Webtype Font Swapper tool

FontShop Font swapper tool Testing OpenType features and more

Klim Type Foundry

Benton Modern Web Specimen

Introducing Variable Fonts article by John Hudson

Creating A Future Free Of Type Piracy

Educational Discounts for Fonts

Two Twitter lists with type foundries: lists/typografie-global lists/type-foundries

Fonts In Use

Typographica. Reviews of new fonts of the last years

Typefacts type reviews

Erik van Blokland’s responsive lettering experiments

Font-to-Width script to responsively size text

A list of type families with multiple design axes (on this site)

Font Bureau’s Reading Edge Series

Font Bureau’s Readability Series

Readability Series Specimen PDF

Size Calculator

Monotype eText fonts for ePaper screens

Commercial Type Druk Collection

The Harriet Series from Okay Type Jackson Cavanaugh

Typotheque screen fonts, news type and specimens

FontBook for iPad & iPhone

Typonine font foundry. Fonts for print, web & lovely specimen books

In-depth article I wrote on type classification

Shorter account on my thoughts on type classification

My favourite underused typefaces (on this site)

An old album on MyFonts with underused gems

Erik van Blokland – Responsive Fonts and Optics, a talk at Beyond Tellerrand 2013 


The typeface I use on my slides is Output by David Jonathan Ross