New Ideas for Book Typography

A couple of days ago I publicly “sighed” at a client of mine who doesn’t want me to use italic or bold in a book we are working on. The client is king, so I started to typeset the book solely using Meran light

I was overwhelmed by the response and hilarious tips my friends started to throw at me in the following hours. Here is the best of:

Benjamin Dahl mit SmallCaps auszeichnen?

Niels Heidenreich Condensed?

Jesse Ragan Serif/sans superfamily!

Jan Yanone Gerner Sperren!

Frank Grießhammer … and use underlining to emphasize.

Nina Stössinger Wow :) How bout 2 fonts, like serif & sans? Or can you get by with no Auszeichnungen at all?

André Mora or +2 points, that always does the trick!

Niels Heidenreich Different colours? ;) Like in the Neverending Story!

Jesse Ragan Get crazy: +/- point size. Make the whole book look like one of those obnoxious tag clouds.