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Things in Use

Some weeks ago I was interviewed for one of these Uses-This websites. Here is what I use as of December 2013.   Who are you, and what do you do? I’m Indra Kupferschmid, a typographer and professor at the University of Arts Saarbrücken in Germany, right at the border to France. I design with type, look at […]
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The Ideal Type Newsletter

I asked my followers on twitter how they would want their ideal type related newsletter to look like. Here are their answers. [View the story “The Ideal Type Newsletter” on Storify]
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Interview-Fundstück von Mai 2009

Dies ist ein Interview, das ich einer Studentin (?) der HGB Leipzig im Mai 2009 per email gab. Leider habe ich den ganzen Kontext vergessen.   1. Wie sind Sie zum ersten Mal in Berührung mit Typografie gekommen? In der Oberstufe des Gymnasium im normalen Kunstunterricht bei Frau Schüssler haben wir uns an Grafikdesign versucht […]
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New column: Ask Indra

I’m trying to help with type questions as much as time allows me – via email, on typophile or elsewhere. So why not share some on here too? “When licensing fonts do you usually buy a whole family, or just select weights? I’m thinking especially in the case of some ••• supermegadeluxx families, I just […]
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The Difference between Humanist, Transitional and Modern Typefaces

Some key-characters for classifying typefaces are a, e, and R. Humanist (Serifs, Sans, Slab) a’s mostly have an open upper counter and a rather small bowl; the lower half of the e has an open, friendly »mouth«, whereas the eye in the upper half is usually small. R has a diagonal, often long, maybe swashy […]
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What typefaces to combine with Helvetica?

Because I was asked this several times in the last months and today this question also appeared on typophile, here are my suggestions (further ideas welcome): Transitional and Modern Serifs should work quite well with Helvetica, but also Garaldes like Garamond – depends on what kind of atmosphere you aim at. If you are looking […]
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Favourite Underused Typefaces

FontShop Amerika sucht nach den besten unterrepräsentierten Schriften. Hier meine Liste (konnte sie nicht auf 140 Zeichen einkürzen). Over at they asked for underused alternatives to overused typefaces. Here’s my list (couldn’t narrow it down to 140 characters).   flavourful seriffed text faces: Parable, Chris Burke, 2002, FontShopInternational Biblon, František Štorm, 2000, ITC/Storm Type Foundry Fairfield, […]
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