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Uses of variable fonts in the wild

Every other day I see people asking about examples of “real” websites that use variable fonts but are not demos/tools for variable fonts. I’ve had a public Google Doc in which I compiled font releases, reference material and uses for a while now, but it’s not that nice of a resource to link to when […]
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The Ideal Type Newsletter

I asked my followers on twitter how they would want their ideal type related newsletter to look like. Here are their answers. [View the story “The Ideal Type Newsletter” on Storify]
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Type used in Germany’s best designed books of 2012

Germany’s Stiftung Buchkunst just published the “Best Designed Books” of 2012 on a new website. I quickly distilled the typefaces in use. All other details regarding design and production, as well as photos can be found on the individual pages for each book. What is interesting to note is that – compared to former years […]
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On Responsive Typography

The idea of responsive web design and layout – as it was discussed in the past two years, e.g. by Ethan Marcotte – is to have a set of specifications that adjust to the requirements of a device, resulting in different layouts on different devices. The idea of responsive typography – as it was discussed […]
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Font Shopping 2011

Instead of yet another best-of list (who can challenge the epic Typographica-reviews anyway) I want to share what typefaces I actually licensed last year, from where and why and whether I used them up to now.   Additional styles of Alright Sans, Jackson Cavanaugh, Okay Type (MyFonts.com): To complement previously licensed styles and because I […]
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Classifications are can be useful

This text was a rough draft for this article, please read on over there.
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De Luc-Truc by Lucas de Groot

The Luc-trick – a new sketching technique for everyone The Luc-trick allows you to transfer a copied image to another surface. In the process of photocopying (xerographic image transfer) the reflected light of the original renders a light-sensitive “master” partially statically charged. On these areas the powder (toner) is attracted and then transferred onto a sheet […]
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Where do you want to drive?

I love this quote by John Hudson which just popped up in a discussion about type classifications: Tinkering with the wheel alignment of a car that might turn out not to have an engine seems pointless, especially if you haven’t even decided where it is to which you wish to drive. This actually fits all […]
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New column: Ask Indra

I’m trying to help with type questions as much as time allows me – via email, on typophile or elsewhere. So why not share some on here too? “When licensing fonts do you usually buy a whole family, or just select weights? I’m thinking especially in the case of some ••• supermegadeluxx families, I just […]
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Kurt Weidemann, adé.

Yesterday my good friend Kurt died at the age of 88. I got to know him 1995 in Weimar when I invited him to give a lecture at our university. Prior to this we had coffee and cake at our squatted student’s abode, ranted about architects, designers, this, that and the world and he seemed […]
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