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The responsibilities of the graphic designer

In the 1980s Nick Shinn attended a talk by F. H. K. Henrion in which the latter listed the responsibilities of a graphic designer as something like this: · Do original work, to a high standard of quality · Educate the next generation of designers · Organize one’s peers (industry bodies, trade shows, conferences) · Promote the […]
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Theoretisch ist Kunst total sinnlos

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Where do you want to drive?

I love this quote by John Hudson which just popped up in a discussion about type classifications: Tinkering with the wheel alignment of a car that might turn out not to have an engine seems pointless, especially if you haven’t even decided where it is to which you wish to drive. This actually fits all […]
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New column: Ask Indra

I’m trying to help with type questions as much as time allows me – via email, on typophile or elsewhere. So why not share some on here too? “When licensing fonts do you usually buy a whole family, or just select weights? I’m thinking especially in the case of some ••• supermegadeluxx families, I just […]
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Sometimes less really is less

So one of the results of my two days web-interlude with the genius Florian Hardwig is a site that looks more basic every day. Not that this wordpress-theme got any simpler or managable, the only thing I’m capable of is removing stuff it seems. Although I’m not happy with the general design and admin, I […]
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Kurt Weidemann, adé.

Yesterday my good friend Kurt died at the age of 88. I got to know him 1995 in Weimar when I invited him to give a lecture at our university. Prior to this we had coffee and cake at our squatted student’s abode, ranted about architects, designers, this, that and the world and he seemed […]
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Wo bleibt eigentlich Font-Shopping Teil 3?

Tja, der Beitrag liegt immer noch hier rum. Und ich hätte auch gerne noch ein paar Dinge anmerken wollen zu Einkaufswagenerlebnissen, Schriftmustern, Testworten, Rechnungsstellung und Auslieferung. Aber gerade zum Thema Distribution habe ich mich neulich auf Twitter wohl etwas zu weit aus dem Fenster gelehnt, so dass ich von einigen Seiten was auf die Backe […]
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Font-Shopping Continues

In case someone actually still wants to buy fonts this year I better hurry up with my report. Alright, what more did I buy? . Okay Type: They (Jackson and his cat) have some really super fonts in the making, but only Alright Sans is ready for licensing yet. I had kept track of this interesting […]
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Font Shopping (Part I)

Last week I found myself faced with the rare and luxurious task to spend quite some money, quickly, and on something typography related. I guess I’m not alone with this end-of-year-business-expence problem, so instead of a list with cool things in type 2010 I want to share my shopping experiences here. As kind of a […]
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All One!

(We are working on soap bottles at the moment.)   To keep my health! To do my work! To love, to live! To see to it I gain and grow and give and give! Never to look behind me for an hour! Never to wait in weakness nor to brag in power! Always working, searching for more […]
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