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Students and font licenses

Below, a comment from a Typedrawers discussion from last year that sparked my list of educational discounts for fonts. Recently, a friend who will take a new teaching position in the fall, asked my advice about classroom licenses and purchasing font collections, so perhaps this note is of help for more people here, too.    I teach undergraduate […]
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Size specific designs are (luckily) more popular and talked about than ever before. Users as well as type and software companies are discussing how the use of different design variants can be made easier and more intuitive, or best even automated, so that if you set the typeface in a certain font-size, the appropriate optical […]
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Nick: I told Stephen the other day that I want to be Mike Parker when I grow up. Indra: I told DB that I want to be Mike Parker, too. And DB told me that Kent wants to be Mike Parker. Nick: I think everyone does. How could you not.   Photo by Jay Rutherford, TypeCon […]
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Die Römische Linkskursive

Gunther Schmidt is tracking the traces of the “linkskursiv” roman and italic lettering style, commonly used on maps, for years now. We were in contact a couple of times about this. Via three articles on his blog, he was able to dig up quite some information including this great lettering specimen from the “Musterblätter für […]
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Please. I don’t want to read any more Bringhurst quotes in ‘typography on the web’ and ‘choosing fonts’ articles. Especially not the one with typography exists to honor content. Get beyond Bringhurst, people.    
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Sarre by Sascha Timplan

If I was to write about one typeface published in 2013, it would be Sarre by Sascha Timplan of Stereotypes. A bit random, and because I have a soft spot for these compact sans-serifs with angular notches, but an embarrassingly huge part because of its name and regional associations I have. And that although I’m […]
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The Ideal Type Newsletter

I asked my followers on twitter how they would want their ideal type related newsletter to look like. Here are their answers. [View the story "The Ideal Type Newsletter" on Storify]
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Taking Over Type Foundries

Type foundries taking over other type foundries is a common thing in type history, but Linotype wasn’t the company at the front of actions. Stempel: 1897 takes over Juxberg-Rust, Offenbach 1915 takes over Roos & Junge, Offenbach 1919 takes over Hoffmeister, Leipzig 1919 takes over typefaces of Drugulin, Leipzig 1929 takes over Genzsch & Heyse, Hamburg (together with […]
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Typographers are scholars

says Dan Solo: … typographers are all interested in the history of printing type. There comes a point at which, if you become a typographer, you’ll become a scholar. The two go hand in hand. It can’t be otherwise. I doubt that there are any really good typographers who are not scholars by nature. They […]
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Alastair Johnston rants about Helvetica

This isn’t a Blue Pencil (could never challenge master Shaw), just a lazy, quick TextEdit. Alastair Johnston wrote an article on Helvetica posted on Smashing Magazine yesterday. I don’t want to comment on his strong opinion and cut out most of his subjective ranting. But some facts seem to have gotten a bit wonky. He […]
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