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I had never loved Helvetica

I had never loved Helvetica. Despite of being an omnipresent typeface, I really noticed and used her first in the form of the bland system font on a Mac Classic for my very first piece of typesetting as a design student. Although I can’t blame my unrefined typography solely on the crude font, I avoided […]
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Life wasn’t easy in phototype days

While I more or less have a notion of how metal type and measurement works, I’m at a loss reading through specimen and instructions from film-setting days. Yes, I know there have been A, B, C and sometimes D masters to cover different ranges of size (instead of having only one scaled to all sizes), […]
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Font-Shopping Continues

In case someone actually still wants to buy fonts this year I better hurry up with my report. Alright, what more did I buy? . Okay Type: They (Jackson and his cat) have some really super fonts in the making, but only Alright Sans is ready for licensing yet. I had kept track of this interesting […]
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noch mal Helvetica

Funny, while browsing some reviews of Helvetica forever I found this one on Designboom, which is featuring almost only my tiny little article on typesetting methods. Five pictures of one spread*, a boring side note in a thrilling story. Must have made an impression. No pic of the historic essay, none of the comparisons, only one […]
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Have I told you recently, that I love Lars Müller Publishers?

Lars Müller is back better than ever. And independent again. Not only went my “best type book of the year” to Corporate Diversity. Advertising by Geigy, I also very much love the Celestino Piatti and Unimark book, to name but a few. Check out their new website (and order Helvetica forever extensively! :) read on: my report […]
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In Defense of Helvetica

I just read a fitting comparison of type and food in connection with Helvetica. To me Helvetica feels to typography a bit like Japanese white rice feels to traditional Japanese cuisine. That is, on its own it may seem pretty bland to most people. […] Yet, as a balanced complement to all other elements in […]
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mein erstes Buch in Japanisch

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frisch von der Buchmesse

Da steht es – Helvetica forever – unser zeitlos gediegenes Nachschlagewerk bei Lars Müller Publishers im Regal. Ab November auch in anderen. Und wo wir gerade bei Helvetica sind. Ich habe im wunderbaren Bornheim in der Nähe der Schönen Müllerin genächtigt. Am ersten Morgen dachte ich noch, ich hätte einen Äppler-Knick in der Optik, aber […]
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Neue Helvetica Entdeckung!

Moment … das ist ein echt toller Fund in meinem Haufen: Ich bin inzwischen bei der Neuen Helvetica angekommen und griff etwas skeptisch zu diesem, naja, sagen wir mal – Kind seiner Zeit (1983) … innen wird es noch arger … beim Impressum angelangt musste ich aber trotz schlimmer Heiserkeit und Rippenschmerzen laut prusten. benjamin […]
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Helvetica forever

Als ich eben aus der Küche kam, war ich schon ein bisschen erschreckt: es sieht aus, als würde ich in Schriftmustern versinken (stimmt auch). Wie es aussieht, bin ich fast die ganze Woche in D und werde Formen vergleichen.
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