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There are two drugstores in my neighbourhood. One is having deep discounts on various products every week and other sales campaigns, incl. advertising leaflets distributed to each household. The other one doesn’t do much advertising and no sales at all, but has a fairly low, transparent standard pricing and fairly uncluttered stores (less offer-POS stuff). Which one […]
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Taking Over Type Foundries

Type foundries taking over other type foundries is a common thing in type history, but Linotype wasn’t the company at the front of actions. Stempel: 1897 takes over Juxberg-Rust, Offenbach 1915 takes over Roos & Junge, Offenbach 1919 takes over Hoffmeister, Leipzig 1919 takes over typefaces of Drugulin, Leipzig 1929 takes over Genzsch & Heyse, Hamburg (together with […]
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Interview-Fundstück von Mai 2009

Dies ist ein Interview, das ich einer Studentin (?) der HGB Leipzig im Mai 2009 per email gab. Leider habe ich den ganzen Kontext vergessen.   1. Wie sind Sie zum ersten Mal in Berührung mit Typografie gekommen? In der Oberstufe des Gymnasium im normalen Kunstunterricht bei Frau Schüssler haben wir uns an Grafikdesign versucht […]
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Fonts and intellectual property

“Finally, a personal opinion, from a person who has designed typefaces that have been successful in the market – you don’t need my typeface to do your design – my typeface adds value to your design, and so if you want to use it because it’s nice/pretty/might sell more stuff, you should understand that my intellectual rights to that […]
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Thank you

for the Macintosh LC 475 (1994), the Apple LaserWriter 360 (1994), the PowerBook 190 (1995), PowerBook G3 Wallstreet (1998), PowerBook G4 Titanium (2001), the original iPod (2002), PowerBook G4 Aluminum (2005), the iPod shuffle USB (2005), the 1st iPod touch (2007), the MacBook Pro (2007), 2nd iPod touch (2009), MacBook Pro unibody (2009), the iPad 3G (2010), iPhone […]
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Wo bleibt eigentlich Font-Shopping Teil 3?

Tja, der Beitrag liegt immer noch hier rum. Und ich hätte auch gerne noch ein paar Dinge anmerken wollen zu Einkaufswagenerlebnissen, Schriftmustern, Testworten, Rechnungsstellung und Auslieferung. Aber gerade zum Thema Distribution habe ich mich neulich auf Twitter wohl etwas zu weit aus dem Fenster gelehnt, so dass ich von einigen Seiten was auf die Backe […]
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All One!

(We are working on soap bottles at the moment.)   To keep my health! To do my work! To love, to live! To see to it I gain and grow and give and give! Never to look behind me for an hour! Never to wait in weakness nor to brag in power! Always working, searching for more […]
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Have I told you recently, that I love Lars Müller Publishers?

Lars Müller is back better than ever. And independent again. Not only went my “best type book of the year” to Corporate Diversity. Advertising by Geigy, I also very much love the Celestino Piatti and Unimark book, to name but a few. Check out their new website (and order Helvetica forever extensively! :) read on: my report […]
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no pics

Ever wondered why this here is so – sagen wir mal – typographic? I just don’t get it. I do not manage to upload pictures, neither with browser- nor flashupload, not via gallery or uploads-menu. The photos are listed in the gallery, but not displayed, like this: Ahhhh! had to shake lightly to level wp-content.
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Ich pflege Hansi,

die grässlichste Werbefigur der Saar–Pfalz-Hemisphäre (wer Interesse an einem Exemplar hat, melde sich gerne bei Nicole oder mir). Pflegschaften Museum der Dinge Werbefigur »Hansi All Urpils« Gestaltung: Werbeagentur HDW, Saarbrücken Produktion/Vertrieb: Bierbrauerei Karlsberg, Saarland Datierung: um 2008 Geographischer Bezug: BRD Art der Erwerbung: Schenkung Material: Kunststoff Sammlungsbereich: Warenkultur/Werbemittel Maße: H 23cm x B 10cm x T […]
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